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    Photoshop CS5 for free



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    Photoshop CS5 for free

    Post  iBURMAN on Sat Dec 11, 2010 3:41 pm

    To get photoshop CS5for free, you can use a keygen.

    thepiratebay.org 5523657/Adobe.Photoshop.CS5.Extended.v12.Keygen.Only.EMBRACE-Deantjah

    1. Download this torrent (you'll need utorrent/vuze or another torrent client)
    And you'll also need WinRAR to extract the files.
    2. Go to > Start > find Notepad > right click on Notepad > click on Run as admin
    Go to > file > go to My Computer > your C: drive > Windows > system32 > drivers > etc
    now find a file called "hosts", make sure you can see ALL FILES, if your format is text documents/files, you won't be able to see anything
    3. Input the following where you see things like local hosts and ::1 localhosts or something : activate.adobe.com
    4. Click on file & save, don't save as.
    5. Go to the torrent folder and right click & click on extract here if you haven't already
    6. Go through the folders in the torrent to find a file called "keygen".. its icon is like an eye. Lol
    7. When it opens, press generate and it'll give you a serial number.
    8. Put this serial number into CS5 when it asks for one
    I did not make this tutorial, made by bre47

    Good Luck Smile

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