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    Open nat on xbox (kpN & Experiabox.)


    The MousePeople

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    Open nat on xbox (kpN & Experiabox.)

    Post  The MousePeople on Mon Dec 13, 2010 8:09 am

    Open NAT on Xbox Live and KPN Siemens Experiabox.

    Do you want open NAT on Xbox Live with your Siemens Experiabox of kpn? It is very simple.
    But this solution must have the firewall disabled.

    Make sure your xbox, when connected via a network cable, get a fixed IP.
    This can be set under: Advanced Settings -> Local Network
    And among clients Mac Address and enter the desired IP address.

    Then turn off the firewall and put the IP of the xbox in to Exposed Host
    This can be setting in:
    Advanced Settings -> Internet -> Address Translation -> Exposed Host

    Wait about 90 seconds and turn on your xbox. Now you have an open NAT.

    Update: This solution should also be without your firewall, open and bare, and that is safer.

    PM ME if you want open nat... on xbox with name of router: ill try to make tut (A)

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