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    How to Mod Zombies with Xero GPD Editor - TUT.


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    How to Mod Zombies with Xero GPD Editor - TUT.

    Post  PLAZA on Sat Dec 11, 2010 6:37 am

    PLEASE NOTE: Before you try this, you are facing an insta ban, so please make a second account or something.
    A way to bypass patches - Clear System Cache, sign into Black Ops offline, start up a solo zombies, and then sign in.

    You might find a GPD that is already modded, but if not, mod it yourself!

    Xero is a modding program that allows you to create modded GPD's for black ops.

    Download: http://xero.oscarawrrr.com/Xero.exe

    After Opening XERO all zombie mods will be in the second tab. Multiplayer mods go in the third tab.

    Basic Binds

    edit: back and start button binds are patched but not dpads.


    These will be what you add things too.

    Basic Commands

    say *TextHere*" (make text appear on side)
    god (Invulnerable)
    give ammo (Give max ammo)
    g_speed *Value*(Move Speed)
    dropweapon (drop current weapon)
    noclip (No Clip)
    ai axis delete (kill all zombies)
    timescale *value* (change speed of game)
    give *weaponname*_upgraded_zm (Give weapon no asterisk upgraded gives pack a punch variant)

    Most stuff in the GPD will be easy to figure out what it does here lets look at some code

    player_clipSizeMultiplier 999;magic_chest_movable 0;sf_use_ignoreammo 1;player_sprintUnlimited 1;player_sustainAmmo 1;perk_weapratemultiplier 0;Revive_Trigger_Radius 999ClipSizeMultiplayer, ignore ammo, and sustain ammo are all important for bottomless clip, magic chest movable 0 makes it unmovable basically everything is named easily.

    So lets say you want a Galil and ray gun both pack a punched.

    Easy here

    DPAD_LEFT give galil_upgraded_zm;;bind DPAD_RIGHT give ray_gun_upgraded_zm;When adding your own gun codes make sure you use the "give" command.


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