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    The RULES.


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    The RULES.

    Post  PLAZA on Sun Dec 12, 2010 6:10 am

    1) No Foul Language
    On this forum you have younger and older members. We don't want too see sailors, please mind your typing and mouth.

    2) No Spamming
    Please do not post, "Lol." "Good post." Or other useless junk on a topic. You're e-Penis doesn't grow with your post count.

    3) No Trolling/Flamming
    Please do not say, "Fake and gay" or something stupid on the forums. No body wants you too say, "This post is useless." Or something like that. Please be kind and even if the post is the most useless post ever say, "Hey man, not trying too be a jerk, but this post doesn't make to much sense to me. Can you elaborate on the details? Thanks."

    4) Do Not Mini-Mod
    Helping is alright but saying, "Lock this! Close this! Etc." is mini-modding and is considered spam. Yet again YOUR e-PENIS DOESN'T GROW WITH POST COUNT!

    5) Be Respectful
    Please respect everyone on the forums. And even if you hate them to their core, be kind too them, because you may not like them now, but in the future you may. People change, so please respect EVERYONE.

    6) Use Good Grammar
    We don't want too see "Leet-speak" all over the forums or, "uhhhm hey guyz itz jamez here and i liek tewtally wnt 2 ply sum gmes." Honestly, that can be confusing use something more along the lines of, "Hey you guys, it's James here and if you'd like too play some games, message me."

    7) Don't Use All Caps
    Alright it would get annoying if you saw a WHOLE POST LIKE THIS. Wouldn't it? Please do not do that post like a normal person.

    Cool Don't Be Racist
    Please do not use racial slurs on the forums or in a private message. That is not respectful to anyone, and I don't think anyone likes an unkind jerk.

    9) Don't Talk About Illegal Activities
    Nobody wants to see you talk about marijuana, or stealing. Please do not talk about that at ALL on the forums. Mods with immediately delete the topic, and you'll be issued a ban/warning.

    10) No selling of online accounts on these forums. Nobody wants to buy your level 80 paladin, or 138 Runescape account, so please keep any and all account sales to the MMORPG Black Market websites.

    11) No Explicit Imagery
    You may NEVER post any nude pictures this includes but is not limited too: Topless, bottomless, pant-less, or only wearing a bra. In this category it also goes along the lines of explicit gore.

    12) No Advertising
    Anything which would help you benefit in something that you are associated with, is classed at advertising. This will lead to an instant temporary ban.

    Any disobeyment to these rules will result in a Ban/Warning.


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